Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Apnea is a condition where a person stops breathing while they sleep.

Therefore, my best attempt to explain my absence of blogging, is.......blog-apnea.

In January, I had only eleven posts.  February is not looking much better............yet.

In my defense, (at least partly) I was sick in January.

My second excuse, is that I have been having serious camera issues. 
The recent posts all contain photos taken with my phone.
I just don't LOVE the quality of a phone photo, just sayin'

I can see my images on my camera, and even see them when I transfer them to the hard-drive, but when I try to upload them to the blog site........I get an error message that says (*in so many words) "your file is jacked up" 

I think it could be, (possibly) that my flash card is old.

I will attempt to get a new one before the weekend,
because Zion has a swim meet
and Michael has a soccer game..........
in addition to an awesome weekend of camping down at GabGab with our CEC family. 

And my third excuse, reason is that I have been getting out of the house more.

I am training to walk a half-marathon.  If you think that sounds lame and wimpy,
kiss my grits,   then go on outside right now and walk 13 miles and let me know in 2 days
how your knees feel.

I have been walking five miles at least 3-4 times a week for almost a month.
I was sore the first week......but now I enjoy the walking and the company.
In fact, last Thursday, three of the ladies in our group decided we were conditioned enough
to start adding distance into our routine and we did 7.5 miles.   We will do a longer walk this
week as well.

What else is going on??

Well.........school for the boys
work for Mike
swimming for Zion
soccer for Michael
learning everything about military history for Isaac
and still no news on foster care
(I know, waiting it out is frustrating for us too)

Hoping to have lots of photos coming soon!

In the meantime, here is another phone quicky of the sun coming up yesterday before my walk.

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