Wednesday, February 23, 2011

time for chores

 Two things provoked these photos
(or these chores of which I took photos)

1)  I read a book about the Amish and I decided that all five Thorntons are FAR too lazy.  Good grief those people work!

2)  This email article from Focus on the Family.

I am stepping it up here.

Zion's not off the hook.    He is too short to push the lawn mower (for now).  So his new weekly chore is washing the van.

I am adding more homemade food into our diet.   It takes more time in the kitchen, but it does taste better, and I am sure it is better for us.  

This weekend will involve some real Amish living.........
well, sort of.

We are going to be camping.

Stay tuned!

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