Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boonie Stompin' 3

If you missed my first adventure Boonie Stompin' can catch up here

and then here for photos (and the REST of the story)

I haven't been Boonie Stompin' with the Rec-n-Crew bunch since that day back in October; until this week.

It appears as if I might be bad luck for the Rec-n-Crew boonie stompers.

When I got there today, the battery in the van was dead.

Additionally, the weather was nasty.

One of those seven minute rains that blows over and the sun comes out..........didn't happen.

It rained for most of the morning.

We got down to the site and according to the guides,
there was a new  NO TRESSPASSING sign.


Plan B

Still what??

The guides decided to take us here.

A small break in the clouds when I took this picture. 

Not sure exactly where we were.

Then we loaded back up in the vans, and went to this cave.
You can't really call it a hike.  It was like a five minute walk.
The cave wasn't very deep, but was filled with fresh water.
Some of the ladies got in the water.
It was SUPER clear,
but they said it was cold
and I was already soaked, so I passed.

This is one of our guides.
His name is Jesse.
He is either young and fearless,
or young and ..............

Anyway,  he found a crack in the cave wall and decided to go explore a little deeper into the darkness.  The swimmer ladies followed.

Without a light, it was my cue to head back out of the cave and wait with the other ladies at the top.

I was back in plenty of time to shower before the boys got off the bus.  Much better than last time........... 

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