Friday, February 11, 2011

busy bees

I mentioned before that a Seabee Battalion (*NMCB-11) is deployed here from Gulfport, Mississippi.

You can read a post about them here.

So the Buzz Club has been making treats for them for the holidays.
(*the Buzz Club is the Civil Engineer Corps spouses)

We took over goodies at Thanksgiving and Christmas just to give them a little homemade treat.

Melanie Lynch found out that the White House had a special BEE cookie at Christmas time, and wrote the White House and asked for the recipe.  (you can read about the White House cookies here)
She received a nice handwritten note and the recipe from the White House chef.  (COOL RIGHT!??)

So for a Valentine's weekend treat........
we got together and made a LOT of Bee cookies at Melanie's house. 
We had a good time of fellowship while we rolled, baked and decorated the cookies.

(*photo credit:  Debbie Cyr)

(*starting in the bottom left going clockwise - Dana, Jamie, Jill, Melda and Tracey)

Cheryl and Rachel

Melda and Jamie

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