Friday, February 11, 2011

the rest of the story........

Some of you may have read the "Guest Blogger" post from yesterday.   Zion wanted to tell about the candy heart that I gave Mike.  It was cute that he wanted to take the pictures and write the story.

but as Paul Harvey says, "here is the rest of the story"

We had HEARTS night at Awana and the kids got Valentine candy for every section that they completed.

Zion is competitive and always ready for these challenges. 

In fact, he did four sections on Wednesday night. 

If you are familiar with Awana, you know that is a lot of work.

So after Awana, Zion has a candy heart saved and is very excited about it.

Maybe candy hearts and their words have some kind of magical power that I never knew about,
(according to a certain nine-year old in the Thornton family)

This was the conversation on the way home:

Zion: "Mom, do you still have the heart?"

Me:  "Yes, I have it"

Zion:  "You are going to give it to dad right?"

Me:  "sure"

Zion:  "It says, 'my man', so you have to give it to dad"

adding his 2 cents:
Isaac: "well she can just eat it herself..........MOM!  You can eat it"

Zion:  "No she can't! 
It says "my man". 
If mom eats it, her boobs will pop back in and she will grow a furry belly"  *

I almost wrecked the van laughing!!!!!!!!

(*in Mike's defense, I wouldn't call his belly,  furry)

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  1. Oh my word. This is the funniest thing I have read in a VERY long time.