Sunday, July 24, 2011

Change of Command

The Commanding Officer of Naval Facilities Guam,
Captain Pete Lynch was relieved of his duties on Wednesday at the change of command ceremony.

Accepting his position as the new Commanding Officer is John Heckmann.

It was a bittersweet day.

John Heckmann was the S3 in NMCB-5 when Mike was in battalion in Port Hueneme 97-99.
His wife, Lisa, was a dear friend - and their daughter, Hannah was in my little daycare program
a couple mornings a week.

So, for this reason, I was excited to have Lisa heading to the island of Guam.

Sadly, Lisa coming, means Melanie leaving.

Melanie and I have a lot in common
and she is just easy to be around.

Her company is always enjoyable
and her middle son, Daniel, and Isaac are great friends too.

Daniel, Isaac and Ryan

The ceremony went perfectly.
Rear Admiral Gregory is an amazing speaker.

Additionally,  Capt. Lynch's remarks to Melanie were so sweet that most of the ladies in the crowd had to double blink away a tear or two.

The reception afterwards provided a chance for most of the wardroom to socialize a bit with some great food at Molly McGee's.

Here are some photos of our CEC peeps!

Debbie and Phil Cyr

Danielle and Rob Brown

Matt and Tracy Pine

Jaime and Jason Fahy

Stephanie and Rob Leftwich

Witt Featherston and Lauren Cook

Cheryl and Russ Pile

Tony and Laurie Scott (his wife Anita was there too!)  

Keith and Jill Barton

Kristen and Jay Krushinski
Melissa and Donald Brus

As always,

Summer in the military means people are coming
and going - so more good-byes are on the horizon,

but it's always fun to share some good food
and some laughs in the meantime.


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