Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer School

Yes, I am one of those mean moms that makes my kids do school work over the summer.

Everyone is working on a program called, "Times Attack" that you can download onto your computer from the internet (for FREE!)  Getting everyone quick and sharp on their multiplication facts.

And also, reading daily as well as a little Spanish for Michael and Zion.

Getting going was a little tricky - until they realized that I was serious about:

No fun until the work is done.

So after about four days of no video games and no movies and no computer time......

They started getting their work done first thing in the morning. 

And some days, without being reminded.

Motherhood - it's a tough job - but someone's gotta do it.

I wonder how many of the world's leaders had a mom that said, 
"don't worry about your schoolwork"
"eat all the donuts you want"
"you can brush your teeth later"
or "I'm going to bed, stay up as late as you want"

I am telling my kids ZERO of those leaders had a lazy mom!

I woke up one morning hearing Zion speaking's a little video.

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