Monday, July 11, 2011

Michael's Birthday

Almost everyone in our family (except Zion) has a birthday around a holiday.

For this reason, the party time just rolls all together.

Isaac's birthday is Jan. 1st -

Mike's birthday is Feb. 19th -
which is usually around President's Day weekend, and of course, a few days after Valentine's Day.

My birthday is always around Mother's Day.

And then, Michael's birthday is 3 days after the 4th of July.

In San Diego, he was still in school for his birthday because they were on year-around schedule.

Last year, I took pizza to his class.

This year, he wanted to invite some friends to GabGab to swim and hang out, since he didn't have to go to school!

The bad news about it being summer break, is that he had a few friends that were gone on vacation.

The good news is;  we still had a good time!

Michael - the birthday boy



playing "king of the mountain" (sort-of) on the surf board

Isaac's buddy - listening to Isaac's story! 



More folks trying to be "king"

some of the gang



Happy Birthday Michael!  


  1. Happy Birthday Michael! Looks like a wonderful day.

  2. Happy Birthday, Moke!!!! :) The Birkenfelds miss you!