Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th 2011

The base had an all day event planned - 10am to 4pm.

It started with a mini-parade:
Complete with our favorite girl on island

Of course, a fire truck or two

And on a military base - of COURSE you have Seabees in the parade!
NMCB 133 from Gulfport

And on Guam - you have the Caribou guy and his dogs

After the parade - as the National Anthem was being sung - we got to watch this:

Very cool!

a carnival for the kids -
with jumpers -
and obstacle courses -
and popcorn
and cotton candy
and snow cones..........ALL FREE!!!

And then there was the sports tournament for the "BIG KIDS"

NavFac had a great team for the Ultimate Frisbee tournament.

They came to play and played hard.

Four games worth, to include two overtimes.

They came in second according to the bracket, but they are #1 to their biggest fans!

The moms decide that we could put a good run on the marketing idea of "GO DADDY!"

Don't we have some adorable fans?

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  1. I won't show Sawyer her competition... that girly is pretty cute! :)

    And I'm super jealous of those fireworks! With our burn ban in effect all we had were some laser light shows, whatever those are, ha.

    Happy 4th!! And a big thanks to all the Thorntons for your sacrifice! Love you guys!