Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The rainy season

If you are moving to Guam - summer is not the best time. 
More rain, a little hotter, and more humidity.

If you are coming on vacation, come at Christmas.
It's awesome!

The island of Guam has a dry season and a rainy season.

The dry season is sort of winter/spring,
and the rainy season is sort of summer / fall.
It rains here often - but during the dry season - it rains 10 minutes and then it is sunny again.

Your best bet (*during dry season) is to wait it out..........
and if you are at a water park with tourist,
it's a sweet deal -
cause they all make a run for it
and you have the place to yourself.

ANYWAY..........the first all-day rainy day was, sadly, Father's Day.
We were at GabGab, the hot spot for fun in the sun on the base, but there was no sun.
We stayed under the umbrella during the rain and swam in between.

The Sunday following Father's Day was also rainy.
They even closed the base pool because of thunder.
(didn't know thunder could hurt you in the water, but..........)

But the big rains have come this week.
There is a typhoon (not near us, we aren't in danger)
BUT........it does bring a lot of rain.
It has rained long and hard for the last few days..........

The boys get cabin fever and make me crazy.

we had a fun day -
indoors with friends -
despite the rain.

Some Phase 10
Wii Just Dance 2
good food
and a LOT of laughs
(see the videos below)

our favorite girl!

little bit of sweetness

(*take note of Mike outside the door; grilling dinner - isn't he the best!?)

Thanks to the Blan Clan and the Scotts for hours of entertainment!!

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