Monday, July 25, 2011

Liberation Day

Liberation Day -

To catch up on the history and events leading up to Liberation Day

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I had big plans and high hopes for Liberation Day -
but, we all slept in too late to get through the Parade Route before the roads closed.

I am a mom -
and I have a plan B.

We drove "the back way" around the parade route, and ended up at the end of it.
We found a parking place about 2 blocks from the end of the parade -
and headed out with beach towels to sit on, sunscreen and water.

We only missed a couple of things at the beginning of the parade.

Zion and his buddy Jonah, scrambling for candy!

Cool cars were a big hit with the boys

and the military, of course!

We did get rained on a bit

and we didn't make it to the end of the parade

It's a BIG parade!

Around noon, the boys were tired and hungry.

Since we were at the end of the parade,

some of the floats had run out of candy -
which didn't help motivate them to stay longer.

But it was a good day!

Happy Liberation Day Guam!

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  1. Love the photos! You got a much different perspective than I did