Friday, October 7, 2011

cross-Country 10-6

Seahawks ROCKED IT!

And I am so proud of my boys!

Michael took off 42 seconds and Isaac took off another 46 seconds!

They could not have done it though without great coaching.

That is amazing results, (and I wish I had been running with them all this time)

A special thank you to those who volunteer their time to coach the kids!

A big PACK of boys coming out after the starting horn -
Michael is just right of the center (taller than most)

Michael keeping a good pace going into the first turn

Isaac making the turn

Michael coming up a small incline at the end of the first lap
Half-way there!

He is stylin' with those orange laces right?  

Isaac starting the second lap

Isaac in the home stretch

Mike had to work late and didn't make the meet this week.  I was trying to take photos with one hand while holding the baby.  So....some of them are not that great.   I didn't get Michael in the home stretch because he blasted past me trying to pass a few runners sprinting into the finish line cones.

Great job to all the boys (and girls!)


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