Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

First of all -
I have to say, "We miss you Gillam Family!"

Last year - Mike was out of town until 6pm Halloween - the boys and I went over to the Gillams'.

You can read about that here.

This year - because Mike was home - there was pumpkin carving.

Mike has serious pumpkin carving skills -

He has produced some award winning pumpkins,

But those were before the days of digital photos,
and you will just have to believe me.

Isaac is pretty serious about his pumpkin too.

Meleah's first Halloween......  I know, I know....she's adorable.

The boys are at school and bitter about it.

"Why do we get off of school for LAME holidays like Columbus Day but we have to go to school on Halloween?"

"Columbus didn't even make it to America anyway - he was in the Bahamas."

"And he was MEAN to the Native Americans;  you are Native American right mom?!!"

(*well, I guess at this point I was suppose to join in on the Columbus-bashing ban-wagon-but instead I just said, "sorry, yes, you have to go to school")

So....we are having friends over for dinner and the kiddos will get to hang out a little while and hopefully, I can redeem Halloween being on a school day.  (*or maybe the candy will do that)

More tomorrow on the evenings activities....stay tuned!!


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