Saturday, October 29, 2011

More on Orphan Sunday

Because I usually think what other people say sounds better than what I say....

this is a BLOG of links about Orphan Sunday.

Please take a little time to make yourself aware of the Cry of the Orphan.

Video titled:   Why Love Orphans?

and last but not least -
something very close to my heart.

The children of Haiti.

If you don't know - our son Michael is Haitian.

You can read part of his story by clicking here.

Haiti has many orphans and many orphanages.

But some children in Haiti are not true orphans.

That is:  their parents are not dead.

There is always the question of what is best for these children.

This question brings more questions.

The questions are hard to answer.

There is no black and white answer- it's all gray.

And I don't know the answers.

I can only share with you what I feel personally.

Here are a few posts to think about.

By my friend Heather ......  Preventing Orphans

Also, The Adoption Wall

I know, it's a lot to read and a little overwhelming.

Baby Steps -

On tomorrow's blog -
 I will be inviting you to come learn about a way to prevent orphans.

So - clear this date on your calendar and join me!

Sunday, November 6th.
Orphan Sunday 
Harvest Baptist Church

Then - 
3pm to 6pm (*also Sunday the 6th)
Learn about the Apparent Project
Bring a friend!

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