Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Derrick!

Today (in Guam)
and tomorrow (in Alabama)
my "little" brother turns 40!

Growing up Derrick was my:
"play doll"
(just ask my mom how many times I choked him with his pacifier)




best friend

worst enemy
(* then best friend again)

Things we share:
the Lovvorn nose
a stubborn pride
a love of music
a competitive spirit
a sense of humor
and family loyalty

As adults, Derrick is my:
secret keeper
shoulder to cry on
defender / protector
call anytime person
kids' craziest uncle
and still my all-time best friend

Happy Birthday Derrick, 
(Uncle D) 
from Guam!
We love you!

My boys used to think that Derrick was older than me .....
sigh ....I guess they are too old for that myth to hold on!

And last but not least.....Michael - the big talker!

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