Friday, October 21, 2011

Cross-country / All-Island Meet

Last Friday's meet was canceled due to our very rainy, "Rainy Season" this year.

Of course, almost all activities on Guam are "Rain or Shine"  But for the safety of the children,
they canceled this one because the course was just too swamped,  literally.

I was looking forward to the Friday meet because no one had to rush to finish homework and Zion only has swimming on Tuesday / Thursday.    On Thursdays, the boys run at 5pm and Zion has to be at swimming at 5:30 - so I literally jump in the van as soon as they cross the finish line and zip down the road.

Anyway,  I am chasing rabbits.

SO - the All-Island Meet was at a different location.
And it was raining more for this meet than the one they canceled last week.
But again, I digress.

The photos are not great -
I mostly sat in the van with the baby and took photos through the window.

Seriously and honestly - I am so proud of the girls - I would have told my coach, "I QUIT"
It was REALLY raining!

These three boys were the top 3 Seahawk finishers.

The placed 3rd, 4th and 5th individually with their times for the season.

Michael finished the season around 14th over-all.
(the official times haven't come out yet other than the Top 10)
We are proud of his continued progress in sports.

That tiny speck with blue shorts is Michael on the back of the course.....

While Isaac came in more toward the middle of the pack -
his overall individual time greatly improved over the season.
It's been several years since he played sports of any kind,
so we are very proud of his accomplishments.

It stopped raining for about 10 minutes during the awards
Baby girl was really done by this time......

Michael's friend, (also Michael) -
3rd place over-all
Great job!
The good news in all the wet, cold - muddy, yucky day is that the Seahawks did well as a team too.

The boys team won first place with a perfect record of 8-0.
The girls team came in second with a record of 6-2.

Great job Seahawks!!!!


  1. rest for the sports schedule.
    Soccer practice starts Monday.


  2. CC is such awesome conditioning for soccer. Can't wait to hear about Moke rocking it this season!! And tell Isaac that Sawyer has been wanting to watch this home video I have of the two of them from last summer over and over again. :) he is kissing her forehead in it and it is so stinkin sweet! Love your sweet family so much. We must fix this ridiculous distance between us... its annoying. And Nash wants to meet that beautiful baby girl I keep telling him about! ;)