Sunday, April 29, 2012

Perimeter Run 2012

To read about last year's Perimeter Run - click HERE.

The Guam Perimeter Run is a 48.6 mile relay run around the southern perimeter of Guam.

If you think Guam looks small and tiny on a map - come out and run this race.

It gets SO MUCH BIGGER as the day goes on!

Christine Davis started a NavFac (Naval Facilities) team a couple of years ago.

I ran with her last year, and since she has left Guam - I took over this year as team captain.

We had three active-duty NavFac / CEC spouses and two returning runners from last year with a NavFac connection.  We added a friend each and made a team of ten.

It seems insane to get up at 2:30 am to run -
but the more you think about running in the heat, the earlier you are willing to get up and run.

There were 57 teams - so a little over 500 people at the start of the race - all wide awake and chatty.

The relationships built in the next seven hours are strong.

Encouraging each other.

Laughing together.

Sweating it up in the same car.

Looking for interesting places to use the bathroom.....

and more.

So proud to know each and every one of these beautiful and strong women!

Checking in for the start -315am - Girls Gotta Run - Team 627

8 of 10 about leg 4 - Audi was running and Jane met us later - about 5am

You drive yourself around to check points.
Early in the run - everyone gets out at each check point
As the day goes on - not quite as much excitement!  :)

My first leg was 3.5 miles as the sun came up - this is about 630am
Hand off to Jane at Pago River

Jane got the first really sunny leg - SORRY GIRL!
But she powered through it like the champ that she is.

Coming into Talofofo - Amanda powered past two men
This is when it becomes mind over matter
it's getting hot and endurance is the key.

Tricia handing off to Amber

Amber's second leg and she's still smiling!!!

Jane powering through her second leg
it was long and hot

Trying to find tiny pieces of shade

Erin to Jean (I think)

Jean powering up a hill
(past a dude that was walking)
Can I say it again?

Jean to Audi and another ugly hill to come
(about 10 miles to go here)

Tricia - also powering through an ugly leg

Amanda and Jaime pushed us with lots
of positive energy the last 10 miles.
They kept saying, "we gotta finish before 11:30"

Tricia to Amanda - the hills are over
The last two legs are powering through the heat
Amanda KILLED it!  

Amanda to Jaime

Jaime on the home stretch - SUPER WOMAN!

going into the home stretch together as a team!

Beautiful ladies and a beautiful view!

Great job - GIRLS GOTTA RUN!!!

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  1. Can't wait for 2013's Perimeter Run blog!!! I will surely miss you as your family ventures off to DC:( Please keep in touch!