Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Familiar Faces (*part 2) - Seabees!

So much fun to move to a place where you know somebody.

 (*this is more common the more years we spend in the Navy I think -
there is probably a formula for it, but I don't like math).

Guam is home to a Seabee Det. (detachment) and they live at Camp Covington.

They come for a 6 month deployment from either Gulfport, Mississippi, or Port Hueneme, California.

The Gulfport Det is from NMCB-11 and they will be here on island working hard until late March 2011.

Just so happens, we know a certain Seabee with NMCB 11.  His name is Mike Monreal.  He and his wife Stephanie were our neighbors in Port Hueneme WAY BACK when Michael and their daughter Victoria were still in diapers.  (wish I had a file photo of that one!) 

He's the SKIPPER!  

Totally awesome to have him over for dinner and catch up on the last few years.   Again, so busy talking that I didn't take many photos.  (but stole this one from his facebook page taken with his camera)

Great to see you Mike, and CAN DO Seabees!
PS......pretty sure you only see signs like this on a SEABEE base!  :)


  1. Melda, I laughed so hard after I read this! I feel so honored to have been blogged. Thank you for having me and Bill over. It's always nice to have a home away from home. GRITS rule!

  2. In the Seabees, and miss it, 1979 to 1986 NMCB3, 133 and 4. Owned a Company sold it in NJ working in Australia , comming to Guam ,looking for work , visiting with trade group , and love to see the base there, sounds like you guys are having fun.Jeff

  3. I was station at Camp Covington in1984-85 witn NMCB-40
    "FAREWELL 40"