Friday, November 5, 2010



November 5th -

is Michael's GOT-CHA day!

That is.......the day we "Got him"

It is the day I became a mother,

thirteen years ago

I love that his GOT-CHA day falls near Orphan Sunday.

But I don't tell you that so you can think about how his life is different

and better

and how "lucky" he is that he was adopted

What I want you to think about

is how MY life is different

and better

and how "LUCKY" I am

to have such a wonderful boy to call my son

His life is certainly better and very different than it would have been in Haiti
But he has no concept of that

I can, however, try to imagine my life without him.......

and it's an overwhelming thought that brings me to tears

Please consider making a difference in the life of an orphan,

not JUST because it will change their life

but because it will change YOURS

I love you Michael!

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