Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We have a rule at the Thornton house -

You have to read the book before you see the movie.

Someone invited me to go see, "The Help"
and Isaac busted me out -
"Did you read the book mom?"

So -
I went to the library -
and I finished the book on Monday.
(and I did not go see the movie - live by example!)

The book provokes many emotions for me,
as I hope it does for anyone that reads it.

I found myself crying
more than once
that someone could be so hateful,
based only on skin color.

I found myself
thankful that my boys don't face that type of discrimination.

I found myself admitting,
that, sadly, 
it's not over.

Did you know?
Children are enslaved to produce the chocolate that you eat.

A U.S. government-backed report estimated 
that more than 1.8 million children 
in West Africa are involved in growing cocoa
(*more links below) 

I am asking you,
as the Lent season starts,
to give up chocolate
and pass along this blog post.

Make a decision to CHANGE the way these children are treated.
Don't tell me you love chocolate too much -
I'll feed you some Minny Jackson chocolate pie!
(if you didn't read The Help - you won't get that)

with how we spend our "American" dollars.

I urge you to have a chocolate FREE Easter.
Or - search out companies that produce FAIR TRADE chocolate.

It's not just chocolate,
by the way -
that's where I am asking you to start -

For a total transformation of
how to spend your dollars better....
I recommend this book.

The Better World Shopping Guide

For an OVERLOAD of blog posts on shopping better - Click here.
(pace yourself here)

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