Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just sayin' (minis) are some little minis.

Some - I have seen in the last few weeks,
and just need to get it off my chest.

If your toddler can not walk as fast as you,
please pick them up and carry them.
It makes me want to "take off my earrings" 
when I see you dragging your baby across a parking lot.

Just sayin'

Anyone ever notice how boys/men plan these big, crazy
adventures that seem almost impossible - and then come
home hurt or sore or in some way needing TLC from the
females in their lives?

Maybe you should scale it back a little.... just sayin'

(**disclaimer below)


It's still strange to me to watch big football games at 9 in the morning....
mostly because I just want to eat "football food" and it's just weird
to have chips and dip for breakfast.

Along those lines:

I don't care about the Super Bowl
Just the commercials and the food


Also along those lines:
Ladies - if you don't know anything about sports,
don't try to fake it -
just be honest and say you don't care
I'm pretty sure a man can take that honesty better
than hearing you say, "Get a free shot!!"
when you are watching a football game


Teenage boys....including Justin Bieber
Pull up your (*_____ beepin')  pants!
You look like an idiot!


Drivers:  please don't SPLASH someone running -
It's not funny
It's rude
And if you accidentally pull into the cross-walk before
you notice a runner least give the,
"oh shoot, SORRY!" wave -


**Disclaimer - before people start posting,
Oh crap - what did Mike do?
Don't assume -
It's not about Mike
It really is about men in general
Even the bagger at the commissary was telling me 
his woes from his weekend "adventure"
If you want sympathy for something stupid YOU did -
look in the dictionary between "shit" and "syphilis" 

I am willing to admit that I am more easily annoyed this week,
but I feel somewhat entitled to that -

If you have something you want to get off your chest,
a little mini Just Sayin' 
Feel free to leave it in the comments section....

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