Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just sayin' - Guest Blogger

On Wednesday, I put out some "mini's" and a challenge to send me your own.

This list is from my brother, Derrick.

Thanks D!


JUST SAYIN.................................

Why do you feel the need to pull out in front of me when I am going 60 mph just to turn left 73 yards down the road.

Why can't Pluto talk?  Goofy can, they both are dogs.

Why is panties plural and bra singular?

Why is there three (3) ways to spell (to, too, two) and only one way to spell three?

Why is Kansas pronounced  KAN-zuhss  and Arkansas pronounced ARK-en-saw?  Shouldn't Arkansas be pronounced Ar-kan-zuhss or Kansas  Ken-saw?

Why do the best students parents go to parent teacher conferences and the worst don't?

Why is it no matter how hard you try there is always coffee grounds in your coffee?

Why do people always ask tall people if they play or played basketball? I do not ask short people if they are or were a horse jockey?

Why is Big Bird so dang BIG? Geez, he scares the ba-Jesus out of adults, just think what he does to three year olds.

Seriously, why does Shaggy fight with Scooby over doggie treats?  I"ve tried them, they are not THAT good.


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