Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Running Update

I am almost a year into my goal to become a "real" runner.

I first used the Nike+GPS on March 7th 2011.

On March 21st 2011
-I (mostly) walked a half marathon 
in honor of my friend Michael Ansley, fighting leukemia.

He did the Shamrock half-marathon last year and it inspired me.

My time was 3 hours 7 minutes (a 14 minute mile average)
His time, (with leukemia) was better than mine.
He's my hero!

Since last March - 
I have logged 563 miles in 142 runs.
I have run 110 hours with an average pace of 11:39 per mile.
(*at least I'm getting faster!)

I don't know how many miles my friend Mike has logged in the last year.
But he is in remission from leukemia and will be doing the Shamrock half marathon again.
He is raising money to help others fight leukemia.

He has been challenged to raise $5000 in the next couple weeks before the run.
Please consider helping him exceed this goal and help others like him fight this disease.

I am so proud to know the Ansley family!


Here is the link to his fund raising page.  

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