Monday, February 27, 2012

Foster Care Update

An update on foster care:

Our sweet Meleah is 7 months old today -
She left exactly four weeks ago and I have cried every day.
We all miss her so much.

I did hear from the social worker and will share this quote with you:

"she is the star of her daycare and ..... 
her caregivers there can't seem to put her down"

I am so thankful that she is being loved and cared for 
and that her sweet smile is obviously contagious to all around her.
Thank you for praying for her adjustment to her new life.

The two other girls have been with us for a little over 2 months now.
(they came two days before Christmas, if you missed it)

They are 6 and almost 8; 
Biological siblings of our first foster boy: 
and in school with our boys on base

They pretty much have Mike wrapped around their fingers with
lots of hugs and daddy flips - 

You know the ones - 
doesn't every kid do that thing with their dad?
where he holds your hands and you straddle his waist and flip?

I remember those until 
I was too tall for my head not to hit the floor when I flipped.
(*no smart remarks about my height, or lack-thereof)

Although we thought originally that they would be with us until summer,
their parents have received a new house through a government assistance
program and will be moving soon.  This is a positive step for this family and
a chance to get on their feet.   We hope that everything goes well and that
the judge will acknowledge their efforts.  

In the waiting time - the girls are in need of extreme dental care.
Foster Children are on Medicaid - so we have appointments for them this week
on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Public Health Dental Clinic.
Both girls will undergo general anesthesia for the procedures that they need.

Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that they do well with the anesthesia.
As a mom - I am trying hard not to worry - they have no idea what to expect.
And maybe - doing it all at once is better in the long run.
I know that (at the very least)
they will be super sore for several days.  

all on the grocery list for this week....

Thanks to everyone for your continued love and support of this journey!

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