Monday, March 19, 2012

Donating hair

Well,  I wanted to do a post about donating my hair,
but Seabee Ball pictures gave away the big news.

For those who don't know -
I have donated my hair three times now.
Over 60 inches of hair in about 8 1/2 years.

I am thankful for my thick, straight Native American hair.
And I hope a woman with cancer is enjoying it.

If you don't know about the program,
information can be found by clicking HERE.

But the basic idea is simple.

Grow your hair to one length without any chemical processing on it.

It must be at least eight inches to donate -
so consider how short you are willing to have your hair and measure from there.

The first time I donated - I had two ponytails that were 13 inches each.
The second time - 10 each
and this time - 12 each

Then,  just cut it - and mail it in!

I went alone this time to the salon -
the first two times - a friend went with me and took pictures.

So these photos are not recent - but you get the idea.

first cut - 2006
second cut - 2009

This time - my hair is shorter than it's ever been I think -
and the men in my life are a bit upset with me.

Even Michael -
the boy of few words
with no reaction to anything
says as I walk by him at the computer,
"mom, you cut your hair"

Zion's reaction was a little more dramatic,


Mike is trying to be supportive
and Isaac sees the bigger picture, cause that's how he rolls.

It'll grow back!
and hopefully,
won't turn gray before it's time to cut it again!

3 years to go!

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