Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just sayin'

The words "age fighting" are sounding worth the price
for face cream these days....

Just sayin'


Walk down hallways (and sidewalks) like you drive....
on the right
If you are turning left - swing wide
If you are turning right - hug the corner

No one likes that awkward, side-step dance thingy
when you meet someone in a hallway

If you didn't grow up in America -
then maybe it's the opposite for you,
(I'm not sure about that one)


If you wave at me from your car,
don't be offended if I don't wave back
I have 5 kids in my van and most likely,
we are late to something -
#1  I have 5 kids to get ready
#2  The speed limit is only 35 all over Guam 

And I don't have enough brain space to 
#1 memorize your car
#2  think ahead enough to say, "oh that is so-and-so" 
      I should wave

I"ll catch you next time....okay?


Recycle -
Seriously -
don't be so lazy.


Another one from running -
if you are walking your dog and meet a runner,
don't wait until your dog LEAPS toward the runner
to tighten the lease - it's rude.


Did I already ask teenage boys to pull up their pants?

OH yeah, I think I did -


I confess - I still like to listen to the smooth harmony
of BoyzIIMen - but I don't get the rage with Adele?
Her voice doesn't do it for me -
(don't backlash me - I know I'm the only one that feels 
this way with the 101 awards she won)


I don't get how Twitter works...
and I'm just confused by your "tweets" on Facebook

Just sayin'

1 comment:

  1. I dot get twitter either. I tried it, and I didn't get it. I asked my young friends, and they walked me thru it, and I didn't get it.

    Here's one for you: if you are at an intersection turning left and you have a ROUND green, you have to yeild to me. No matter if I'm going straight or turning right. However if you are turning right and you have a red and I am across the way turning left, where you want to go, you have to yeild to me when I have a green arrow.

    And one more. I had this friend once who didn't 'get' Adele, so we had to break up. It sucked, but it had to be done.

    Here's hoping she throws the cd in one last time and gives it another go. 21 not 19.