Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a little of this and that (*(okay a lot)

I have been posting about some things close to my heart lately,
and not so much about what's been going on home, personally.

So here is a quick photo dump to catch up the fam back in the states.

HONOR ROLL BOYS -  all three made the honor roll,
but Mike went to Isaac's assembly
because I was getting the oil changed or something crazy.
In my defense, the school doesn't really give you much head's up.
And in Mike defense, I am sure he took a photo,
but he is off-island, so I can't ask for it.

Elmo visits McCool and TC's class
Assembly about loving who you are,
Always be yourself!
A big lesson for foster kids who really struggle with all they are going through.

Michael and Isaac are in the beginner band at McCool and they had a field trip to the Guam Plaza Resort Hotel to practice with a guest conductor.  He was amazing with the kids and I hope they enjoyed (or at least understood) the honor of rehearsing with him.  

Michael had instrument malfunction
His reed is on with a red rubberband!

McCool director, Ms. Mansell

Guest conductor

In other news:
The adults in the family had Seabee Ball on March 17th.
The birthday of the Seabees, the Civil Engineer Corp and NavFac 
(Naval Facilities) all rolled into one big party.
And it was a good time.

Leading up to the event:
The third annual battle of Ultimate Frisbee -
the Junior Officers (01-03)  against the Senior Officers (04-06) 
The losing team leads the Seabee Hymn at the Seabee Ball.
You may be taller, but I'm faster....

So many captions I can think of for this....
that I"ll just let you use your imagination!

Is he trying to push me out of bounds?



Although the JO's won this year's battle, the overall record is 2-1 with the "old folks" in the lead.

The Seabee Ball was held at the Nikko again this year.
(for a recap of last year, click HERE)

I didn't take my camera because it's big and by the end of the night -
I am usually carrying my shoes, glasses, table centerpiece and hopefully, a door prize.

But you can find me "tagged" in several photos on Facebook if you want to check it out.

Special thanks to my mom - the shopper of all things fancy - because she knows me well,
and I would be at the ball in blue jeans without her.  She sent me two dresses this year that
she got on SUPER sale!! 
(although her best find in my years as a Navy wife was a little number that she paid $9.00 for)  

So I still have one in the closet for Navy Ball in November!   


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