Monday, March 26, 2012

Pinterest - you are creating monsters!

Yes, it's true and you know who you are.

and I know too....

I wonder what the numbers are of people vs. pins vs. actual completed projects.
(*something like 1/500/1)

I tried to stay away, but it sucked me in.
(*just like Facebook -
I used to have a MySpace account, remember those?)

and I swore off joining another site -
for a while
and then,
I caved -
to the peer pressure.

(I have not caved into Twitter, and it's easy to say no to Linked-In cause I haven't worked in years!)
Isn't it a business network?

ANYWAY.... I am chasing rabbits.

So...I had an account first and then Mike started checking out my "stuff".
and for a few days....he was browsing around.

It didn't take him long at ALL to cave - like 3 days and now he is the junkie.

I mean, a daily junkie. thought it was me?

Mike and I both, well, struggle, in the organization department.
But I can throw things away better than he can.

His main obsession on Pinterest is "UpCycling".

You know, taking something old and making it new.

It has provoked him not only to KEEP EVERYTHING,
but he has made a few trips to the thrift store and come home with things
that I swear I donated ........

In the big scheme of things -
I don't care if he uses the stuff in a timely manner.
Timely might be the key.
We already have too much "stuff".
and since I am the one who mostly unpacks it when we move,

I have made a couple crafts from Pinterest.

and I made some tried a recipe for Pizza Rolls -
the taste was fine, but sure didn't look like the photo.
I had cheese and sauce cooking and dripping out the sides.

I made sheet music paper flower ornaments at Christmas...

I made a variation of THIS (*with some sewing help) and THIS for a baby shower.

I sort-of made this ....
but we melted rolos on top in the oven -
if you are a fan of salty and sweet, I highly recommend it.

I have saved jars for THIS...and hope to do them before Easter.

That's it.... 5 things,
out of 213 pins.  

Hmmm.....I might just be above average on this one!~

And then Mike made these chairs:
One for Isaac,
his birthday was in January.
and one for JJ
who was 8 in March.

This is the "before" chair

But he has collected more things .....

So let's here it,
Who has hit the "PIN IT" button??


  1. 'he's come back with things that I swear I donated...'

    That made me laugh. Out loud.

    Of course I have a pin it button.

  2. I too am an addict. I just may pin this post... :) -M