Saturday, March 24, 2012

Swim meet

Mike was off island this week and when I can, I like to volunteer at the swim meet.

That usually means timing a lane.

And timing a lane means you can't really watch your own kids swim.

You have to pay attention to the swimmer in "your" lane.

There is not really a chance to take photos.

SO..... for the meet -
Isaac was in charge of the camera.

For those that have known Isaac for a while....
these photos will make you smile,
but probably, not surprise you.


tin roof canopy

tin roof detail



the book he took to read

detail of the camera bag 

and another....

this is the door to the little shed like thing where the pool supplies are kept (I think)

Panned out view of same shed - sometimes I wonder if someone lives there
(sometimes I hear a kid in there)

maybe someone does live there?   A mower? 

Hydrate or die!  

finally....a picture of a person 

how refreshing....

and this one is probably because my boy is "that age"....heaven help me!

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