Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Out and about in Guam

A latte stone, or simply latte (also latde), is the term for a pillar (Chamorro language: haligi) capped by a hemispherical stone capital (tasa) with the flat side facing up. Used as building supports by the ancient Chamorro people, they are found throughout most of the Mariana Islands. In modern times, the latte stone is seen as a sign of Chamorro identity and is used in many different contexts.

In commemoration of the 200th birthday of the United States of America in 1976, Governor Ricardo Bordailo launched a bicentennial project to celebrate the American freedoms and the proud heritage of the Guamanian people.  The latte, the handiwork of the ancient Chamorros, gave rise to the vision for the Latte of Freedom.

As the Statue of Liberty welcomes visitors to American's eastern shores, Governor Bordailo envisioned the Latte of Freedom rising above Guam as a welcoming symbol of American freedom in the Western Pacific.

Just as the children of America donated their pennies to erect the Statue of Liberty, Guam's children raised thousands of dollars to make the first donation to build the Latte of Freedom.

Today, we welcome you to the Latte of Freedom, a gift from the people of Guam to freedom lovers everywhere.


  1. Geez.... you really make that thing sound great! Guess we should go see it or something...... the Disney of Guam right?

  2. certainly you's on the way to (*or back) from everything, awesome view and fun to climb up in! :)