Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bayview - our new church

So my dear friend Sam is one of those people (seriously, unlike me) that never wants to say a bad thing.

But she will, (and I am thankful) speak the truth in love to you,

(and then immediately apologize for fear of crushing your heart).  

She is too cute!!

 (one day, I will have photos of the two of us, although, she and I both are the ones with the camera, so............not sure when that will be)

ANYWAY.......back to the story.....

So Sam says to me with all the love in her heart........

Really Melda, you have to stop saying "Mike's church"

Okay, now is where I think of all the reasons that I was saying, "Mike's church" (cause he has been here a year, and I just got here..........)

but bottom line, without excuses, she is right. are photos of OUR new church.

*Prime real estate I tell ya,
 and if there were waves,
 Pastor Mike in San Diego
would be SUPER jealous!!!

(I can still miss Newbreak peeps right??)


  1. Sorry! I didn't mean to give you pause :) But you do know now I am going to have to steal your church photos for my own use :P

  2. That is a pretty amazing view from Y'ALLS new church! :)

    Love you sweet friend!


  3. What amazing views! I can just imagine having some "time" with God out there and praising Him for the beauty all around. Congrats on the "family" church :)