Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of School

Mike and I are now the parents of a middle school student.  Michael started 7th grade on Monday.  He has eight different classes (4 one day and 4 the next) and changes teachers for each one.  So far, he seems to be doing okay with all the change. 

Isaac is in the 5th grade and Zion in the 3rd. 

Zion was disappointed to find out that his friend Ellie was not in his class.  (He crossed his fingers on both hands and chanted all the way to school, "please be in Ellie's class / please be in Ellie's class)  He seems to be content with seeing her at lunch and knowing that we will see them on the weekends at church.

The school is on base, about four miles away from our housing area.  The boys are the last bus stop before it heads to school, so they don't have a long bus ride.  

I did let them decide on the first day if they wanted to ride the bus or if they wanted me to take them to school.   Michael and Zion both rode the bus.  Isaac wanted me to drive him, but as soon as we got to the front of the school he said, "I'm okay mom, you don't have to walk me"  

Confidence restored.

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