Friday, September 17, 2010

McCool Middle School Seahawks Soccer

The school has a middle school team -
so Isaac, Zion and I followed the bus to the game.

The players and the coach all rode the bus.

Lucky for Michael, he can always pretend like he doesn't know the WHITE LADY taking pictures!

Really, I am okay with it.  

He's 13,  I'm not going to run up to the bus and kiss him or anything. 

Watch out for those size 13s!

They played the Saint John's Knights.

My big boy is a ROCK STAR!!!!!!!

SO, SO, SO proud of Michael today in his first soccer game.

He was, seriously
(not just cause I am his mom)
the star defender.

Played almost the whole game
(even though there are 30 boys on the team)

defending the goal

Look at that......up and over!


Not on my watch!


I said, "not on my watch"


  1. Great job Moke! It looks like you rocked it!! We wish we could have been there!

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