Thursday, September 16, 2010

Familar Faces - part 3 - Me and Sam!

The moment you have all been waiting for.......

Here we are!!!!!

Michael took this photo after church on Sunday.
The dads had things to do, so the moms protested cooking and went with the kiddos to TGIF's.
Then, we took the kids bowling. 

And then Sam called Kevin at home and ask him to make dinner for ALL OF US!
God bless him, he did it!

(I took a picture of him in the kitchen, but he put his hand in front of it.........
so, the last fourth of the Gillam family will remain part of your imagination!)

Not to be outdone, Mike brought over salad and we had a yummy dinner and a great day with great friends!


  1. I found your blog :) Looks like you've been settling in!

  2. Sounds like God has been blessing every corner of your life. Good friends, good memories, good times and good food! Awesome! :)