Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A trip to the mall

Like any city that expects visitors,
Guam has an area of the island that caters to the tourist.

Guam is the closest tropical island to Japan, and thus, has a huge influx of Japanese people on vacation.

This area of Guam is know as Tumon.

On Saturday night, we decided to take a family trip to the mall and check it out.

Zion was very excited! 

I'm not sure what he expected.........

maybe just the idea of  "the mall" is something familiar from the states.

Isaac and Zion really enjoyed watching this HUGE display of moving parts that have pool balls going in all directions;  down ramps, up tracks and more.

 But when Zion saw THIS..

he was beside himself!  :)

Michael likes ice cream......

But he was really excited about this......

He got a GAME STOP giftcard from a friend for his birthday right before we left San Deigo.

He didn't get a chance to spend it before we left.

It was a good family outing!

(*this is Michael's happy face)

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