Saturday, September 25, 2010

MUD BOWL #1 - Seahawks Soccer

 Well,  I think I mentioned before that it rains a lot here on Guam.

Did I mention that sporting events go on, as long as there is no lightning?

Well,  today it came a hard and fast, downpour.

The kind where the water can only gush down the roads,

because it is raining WAY to hard to soak into anything.

So.....this happens about an hour before game time.

And continues until 5 minutes before the game starts.

And thus,

the first MUD BOWL of the season.

It was an away game and the other team certainly had homefield advantage.

They knew where all the water pits were, and could avoid them.

Additionally, I think their goalie is either on steriods, or has been in the 7th grade for 3 years.  He was HUGE and really good!

Our boys played well, but I don't think a single player stayed on his feet.

Michael has quite a big "BOOT" with those Size 13 feet usually.
(Tuesday, he almost scored from midfield, missing the goal by inches)

Today, in the water and muck, his hardest kicks went 12 inches.

His glasses got fogged up and he had to do his best without them.

Again,  all the boys played well and hung in there.......

despite great frustration.

(*not sure what's up with the white/black socks)
Finally score was 1-2 in favor of the Oceanview team.

Very proud of all the Seahawks!


  1. Hey Melda, this is Sam's aunt-in-law!!! I had four sons (now three granddaughters!!) and I have spent many weekends in the same situation. Soccer is the BOMB when the weather cooperates and the refs are good. I love reading about your boys and love that you are there for Sam, Kevin and the girls. I can't wait for Sam's post about Maddy's birthday!!! OOG is a regular read for me, so keep up the good information!!!