Friday, November 12, 2010

Veterans' Day Boonie Stomp

Since my Boonie Stomp about a month ago,  Isaac has been asking to hike to the WWII tank.

Veterans' Day seemed like a good time.

Mike was off work and the boys were out of school.

and, it's Veterans' Day and it's a war tank............right?

It was muddy, cause, it's still the rainy season

I told the boys to tie their shoes tight to avoid having one stuck in the mud

Michael didn't listen

'cause he's 13, and I'm an idiot

So..... he had to pull his shoe out of the mud, cause it was stuck

I wanted to say "I told you so"

but I didn't.......

We all had muddy, wet feet  (*and the soil here is really red)

and Zion had some allergy issues with the grass / trees

But we made it! 


  1. I think that was a perfect outing for Veteran's Day. Eeeeeewwwwww those muddy shoes!