Saturday, November 6, 2010

Melda aka The Broken Record


Same topic  -  orphans

I know,

I know,


I have been deleted from Facebook by people who said,

"I am sick of the Haiti crap"

Okay,  so delete me.

or don't read it.

but I can't not say it.

really, it's not even me........

be mad at God - he said it first

Psalm 82:3

Give justice to the poor and the orphan;
uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute

I have a passion, deep in my heart........

for babies,


with no one to care for them

I read a post by Tara Livesay that caused me to think deeply about this question:

Is it universal to love your child?
Or does the the privilege of wealth allows us greater freedom to love??
 (read that story here)

I'm not sure about the right way to even process that question.

But it makes me cry.

When we got the call that Isaac was born.

The social worker told us all about his birth stats.

and then with a strange pause added,

"and his birthmother is HIV+"

100% honesty here.

I remember thinking.....

I can do this

I just won't love him

so if he dies,

it won't break my heart

what breaks my heart now is thinking about people with so much death in their life,

that they can really get to that place, where it's just easier not to love

Please help these people feed their babies

so they can watch them grow

and thrive

and LOVE

Click here to donate to Tara Livesays fund raiser for Medika Mamba
Giving kids the proper nutrition that they need

Thank you!

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