Thursday, November 4, 2010

I would never BBQ my dog...........

..........but I have never been hungry.

I don't say this to shock you

or have 101 animal rights folks posting on my blog or Facebook.

I say this because you have never been hungry either.

The people that could walk a mile in those shoes won't be on Facebook tonight

They have never seen a computer

nor have they ever slept on a bed

or had a pillow

or a hot bath

I remember Michael got really sick one time when he was about 9 months old.  

The doctor told me not to feed him.  

Thirteen years later, I still cry thinking about it.

See..........Michael did go hungry in Haiti.

And I promised him he would never be hungry again.

and then a doctor tells me not to feed him........

I never want to be forced to break a promise.

It's too hard

Don't we all promise our kids things?

Things that will make their lives better?

Things we wish we had? 

or things we want to change about our own childhood?

What if..........

you really, really, couldn't feed your child??

Not because they were sick, and a doctor told you to wait........

but because there was nothing to eat

Would you let them eat dirt??

drink dirty water??

because they were hungry,

because they were thirsty,

And you had nothing else to give them

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