Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Shameless Bragging..........

Yesterday I posted two photos of my Christmas trees and gave a shout-out to my cousin who sent me photo tips for that Christmas glow. 

So.........I have to add, 
I have super, cool relatives!!

I mean, seriously........

Check out some of these photos
by my cousin Wes Craft, the photographer (*mentioned above)

And click this link
for my cousin, Amanda Duke Brown, the artist

and did I mention that another cousin, Scott Garrison
published a book recently?
Check it out here

Although I don't see my extended family often,
I love them all and I am so very proud of their accomplishments!

Last but not least.........we are all such a very good-looking bunch!  :)

Scott, the author

left - my mom's brother, Uncle Rod
Aunt Becky in pink
Amanda (artist)  and her hubby Chris
smack middle, Lydia
(this is an old picture, Lydia is married now with a new baby!)

left to right
Ben and Rachel
Reni and Ellis
(Rachel and Ellis are siblings and NEW parents)
This photo was taken last Christmas

My mom, (right) and her siblings
Aunt Ramona
Uncle Rod

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