Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday

Last thoughts, (for now) regarding orphans.

The most ideal situation would be,

to not have orphans at all

John and Beth from Heartline Ministries are training women
to care for their bodies during pregancy

They are teaching them to drink clean water

and take vitamins

and come in and deliver their baby in a clean environment

So they can have an income

and provide for their families

Remember the Starfish story??

Buy a purse or two from one of these ladies and let her be your STARFISH!

OR host a purse party

or make a donation to the program here

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  1. This post has several links in it that I can't get to show up well.

    So if you are interested in more information - roll over "Heartline Women's Program" for the link

    Also, the word "ladies" to learn more about the purse artist

    "purse party" to host

    and the word "here" to donate

    Thank you!!