Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving photos

Our Thanksgiving started last Sunday.

We had a great time at church with our Bayview family sharing in worship, food and testimony.

I forgot my camera, so this is a photo from my phone.
My deepest apologies to Maddy, I didn't mean to cut off your face.

The boys had school M-W, which was a change for us.
We had the whole week off in San Diego for Thanksgiving.

The baking started on Wednesday, and we got to see a Seabee friend passing through,
Mike Monreal from NMCB-11.  The BUZZ CLUB baked up loads of sweet treats for the Seabees
that are deployed here from Gulfport, Mississippi and I know the troops were thankful for a homemade
cookie / brownie treat!! 

Thursday was spent with the Gillams.  They came over early afternoon and we ate about 2:30.
Sam and Maddy were both a bit under the weather, but that didn't stop her in the kitchen! 

She asked me to do the BIG BIRD in my oven and she did the rest.
(*for a video of Zion helping with the here

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Sweet Potato Casserole
Green Bean Casserole

I don't think I have mentioned before, but Sam is not American, (she's Canadian)
But really, you would think she has been cooking American Thanksgiving her whole life.

(I can't wait until Christmas.........20 some odd days, and we will do it all again)

A great day

great food

great friends

We are so thankful!

They were playing some kind of pretend vampire game.  (That's Maddy's coffin)
(for a few pictures from Sam's blog with Thorntons in here!)

On Friday after Thanksgiving, we also hung out with the Gillams.

The DADS were at the Gillams watching the A&M game.

The kids and moms at the Thorntons.

Kids = playing

Sam and I - scrapbooking.

We have been scrapbooking once a week now for at least a month.

We used to do this once a week back in Panama City Beach in 2004 with another buddy, Chris Lewis.

It is a little piece of joy in my life to scrapbook, and spend time with Sam.
Double bonus! 

She has talked me into doing an album called, December Daily

It will be CAKE for Sam - (she's really so organized)

and will require an extra bottle of TUMS for me. 

But, she knows I don't back down from a here I go!!!

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