Friday, November 26, 2010

I said, "WHAT?"

They say opposites attract.

There are some things that Mike and I have in common,
but mostly, we don't.

For example:   I talk 100 MPH to anything.
(just ask my friend Sam: she recently commented on how much I talk to my dog)

So I am famous for sticking my foot in my mouth.
(everyone that knows me just chuckled, I heard it)

But Mike is really good at thinking before he speaks.

And usually, when he says something, it is straight and to the point and accurate.

We banter back and forth every year (all in good fun) about putting up the Christmas decorations.

Mike leans toward "Scrooge" and I lean toward, "Macy's"

We have to meet in the middle -
which usually means, as long as I don't ask him to do too much,
"go for it". 

So last Tuesday as I joke about putting up the Christmas tree soon........he gives me the eye roll and the what for.

I replied, "Because I love Christmas and it just makes me happy"

He retorted, "Well, by all means, if it makes you happy, leave it up all year"

(He didn't think about THAT one)

The tree is went up LAST week!

YES, before Thanksgiving.


good bye little scarecrow, see you next fall

it's a process

Ellie helps with decorating


Maddy - giving directions!  :)

See there - it makes EVERYONE happy! 

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