Thursday, May 12, 2011

AWANA memories 10-11

Last night was our AWANA awards night. 

The end of our AWANA club year.

It is always bittersweet for me.

I love AWANA and even when I don't feel well, I still enjoy going to AWANA and seeing, "my kids"
in my Sparky class.  They always have hugs for me and really can make my day. 

Here are a few snapshots of my kids, and then, "my kids".  :) 

Zion moved up to T&T this year,
but he asked for one last picture with Sparky
at the beginning of the AWANA year!

Crazy hair night - Zion won

NERD night - yeah, we won - that's how we roll!

Our great Children's Director - "Grandma Jan"

Sparky Game Time

Isaac on dress-up night

We averaged between 25-30 Kinder-2nd graders every week

Sparks that finished book 1
Good job!

Isaac - this is his new expression for my camera

Zion's award from completing Book 1

SO proud of all my boys and all my Sparks.

Thankful to all the leaders that make AWANA happen each week.
Thankful to Grandma Jan 
for all the behind the scenes things she does to make every 
Sunday and Wednesday run as smooth as possible with over 100 children!  

And thankful to all the parents that bring their children to AWANA each week to learn God's word.

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  1. Love the Nerd Night photo of you two! You're such a cool mom!