Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jonah's promotion

For those who missed it - Jonah is our foster son.
His name is not Jonah,
and we can't show you photos of him,
but he is part of our family,
and I want to add his accomplishments to our blog.

Given where he has come from - the last six weeks at our house have been a turn-around for him.
In fact, he was STUDENT OF THE MONTH for the month of May!

He finished the school year strong with A's and B's
(and one C in Chamorro language)
Since he was born in Chuuk, he doesn't know the local language.

We were very proud to be able to attend his promotion and support him.

We let Zion miss the morning of school, and he went too.

Jonah and Zion are big buddies.
Jonah has a younger brother about Zion's age, so I think it feels familiar to him.

Moving on to middle school may not seem like a big deal to most of us.  
But the drop-out rate for kids here in Guam is sadly large.
In the statistics that I found online, over 3000 students dropped out of the four high schools on the island
from 2003-2007.  That sounds crazy to me, but it's a reality here.  

By celebrating with Jonah his accomplishments, 
we hope to instill in him a drive to do well in school and graduate!  

Congratulations JC!   We are proud of you!  

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  1. Way to go, Jonah! That's very exciting! We look forward to meeting you later this week. :)