Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend get-away

(*Sat. morning sunrise from the top of Nimitz Hill)

The weekend started Friday after taking Zion to the doctor
(and getting Amoxicillin for strep-throat)

The boys helped me load my huge bags of scrapbooking supplies in the truck, and then, my tiny bag of clothes........(cause, really.......I planned to stay in my pajamas most of the time) and then I headed out to pick up Sam.

After loading up Sam's things, we were off. 
We decided to eat dinner before going to the hotel, at a Mexican place called, "Carmen's".

Upon our arrival and check-in,
we immediately started re-arranging furniture for ultimate scrapbooking.......
Yes,  before we even got our bags.

Here is our mess, arrangement.

We did a little scrappin' and a lot of chillin' -
eating chips on the couch, (gasp!!) 
and watching random shows
like a wedding cake reality thingy,
some local news,
some GLEE,
and Bones
Don't was relaxing!

We went out Sat. for lunch to Ruby Tuesdays and ran a couple errand with a pit-stop at YogurtLand for our "dessert dinner"
(*yes, yes we did eat Yogurt (and our left-overs) for dinner! 
Don't tell the kids!!!!!!!

Sunday morning we all met at church and then went to TGIFridays for lunch.
Back to the hotel for some "POWER"scrapping, so it looks like we accomplished something!
(why do moms have that kinda guilt?  Can't we just relax all weekend?)

ANYWAY.........we did have a good weekend and we DID get some scrapbooking done too!

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  1. So let me get this straight... you went to Tuesdays on Saturday and you went to Fridays on Sunday? That's bold... And confusing. :P

    Also, I'm totally on board with this "Yogurtland for supper" idea... I plan to implement it immediately. lol

    Glad you had a great weekend with your friend! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday!