Saturday, May 14, 2011

We ate at the Governor's House!

Well, you will just have to believe me.  
Because, there are no photos.

Mike and I (and other foster parents) on Guam had dinner at the Governor's House last night as part of,
May, Foster Care Month in Guam and also the First Lady's Foster Care Initiative.

It was nice to sit with our friends, the Taylors, who introduced us to the need of foster care on the island.

It was also nice to meet other foster parents and share in a common bond. 

One thing I really enjoyed about the evening was the Governor talking about partnering with faith based organizations to have foster children in Godly homes.  He mentioned in his speech that we are doing God's work.  I am pretty sure you wouldn't hear that in the states from a Governor's mouth. 

Below is the press release from the launch of the initiative which will include billboards on the island and public service announcements aired during prime time television.  I will try to get a clip and share it later in the week. 
On a more personal note:  Jonah continues to do well in our home.  He is almost finished with 5th grade and will have a promotion ceremony next Friday.   At our next court date, in June, it is possible that his younger brother, age 8, will be coming to live with us over the summer.   Typically, the court tries to keep at least two siblings together if possible.  He wasn't placed with us initially because of the location of his school and transportation issues.  Please continue to pray for our family.

First Lady Launches Foster Care Initiative

Calvo Partners With Community to Help Needy Children

Immediate Release: May 13, 2011
Christine M.S. Calvo has found her calling as First Lady is the same as it always has been as a mother and wife: family.
A new initiative from First Lady Calvo will help find loving homes for the more than 200 children on Guam who need foster care. The First Lady launched the program yesterday at Government House—the house of the people.
“We are home to some of the strongest and most loving families in this world. But I'm sad to say many children here do not know the joy a hug can bring, or the security a kiss goodnight has,” First Lady Calvo said. “Here on Guam—on our small island, more than 200 children need a strong, caring home, and only 27 foster families exist to help them. I cannot, as a mother, allow Guam's children to grow up without the love and support of parents and siblings.”
During the launch event, Shirley Perez, a longtime foster parent shared her heartfelt story. She told the First Lady about how she touched the lives of children, and more importantly, about how the children touched her lives.
“I'm not able to have children. But I raised a girl from when she was two, and a boy from when he was four. They call me 'mom.' That's the greatest gift I could ever get,” she said tearfully.

First Lady Calvo's initiative has two components:
• Recruitment: First Lady Calvo, in conjunction with the Department of Public Health and Social Services and the Foster Family Association of Guam, will help identify interested and qualified families to become foster parents. They will work with village mayors, the military, churches, and faith-based organizations to help find these wonderful families.
• Support: First Lady Calvo will work with community organizations and responsible corporate citizens to support current foster families. She recognizes becoming a foster family is not right for everyone, but everyone can help foster families and foster children. By supporting current families, through the Foster Families Association of Guam, you can do your part to help shape a lifetime of happiness and success.
Just the Start

The first event that is part of this initiative is an appreciation dinner for foster families. The First Family will host these angels on earth at Government House tonight. In the coming days, First Lady Calvo will roll out public service announcements, billboards, and community outreach events.
“I'm so proud of my wife,” Governor Calvo said. “From the very beginning, I said this administration will protect our most vulnerable. Christine sees the tremendous need for more loving foster families, and she has taken on the responsibility of helping the children who desperately need these caring homes.”

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