Monday, May 9, 2011

The best birthday present EVER!

.....would be to see the hospital in Haiti 
built and furnished
with donations from
my awesome friends!!!!!!!!

Here is a post about the needs of the women in the Heartline program with a CHIP-IN meter on the side to build the hospital.    (*click here)

Don't know about Heartline?       Read the story here.

We adopted Michael from Heartline Ministries in 1997.
At the time, Heartline was John and Beth McHoul.

Now Heartline is an entire organization filled with people we love and people who love God.
In fact, the Hendrick Family serving with Heartline came from Texas,
and we knew them way back 10-12 years ago when Mike was in grad school at Texas A&M.

Got an extra $20 bucks?
Can you CHIP-IN and send it to Heartline Ministries?

Do you have a desire to help in a bigger way?
Here is a link to current fund raisers going on for Heartline that you might be able to help with!

The easiest thing is to host a PURSE PARTY!
It's like a Tupperware party, you know, invite people over, fix a bit of food........
except that, seriously, you are changing someone's life by purchasing a purse.

Click here to learn about that.

A special BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
to my friend Sam

and her nursing club students
at Southern High School.
They have hosted bake sales all school year
and raised almost $1000 for the Heartline Hospital.You guys are awesome!  

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