Sunday, May 15, 2011

Swim meet Sat.

Michael and Zion had a swim meet on Sat.

I volunteered to work the meet as a timer.  

So, no photos of the meet.  

But I got to train with one of the best, Sam.........and it was fun to time the meet with her. 

It was also hard to see who was swimming and cheer for how they were doing, because you really need to pay attention to your lane and your swimmer, so you give them the most accurate time.

BUT....... Zion and Michael both swam in the 50 free only - and gave it all they had.

Zion shaved off a little, for a time of:   51

And Michael took 3 seconds off, for a time of:  33 - fast enough for a B time.  

Good job Michael!

Congrats also to Maddy and Ellie, and the other Tsunami swimmers who improved their times!

The boys will continue to swim over the summer, but the meets are over until the fall. 

A great first season as swimmers!    I am proud of both of you!

Mike, Jonah and Isaac went hiking. 
They are becoming regular Boonie Stompers!
I'll try to get photos of that too, (next time!)

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