Monday, May 2, 2011

Pacific Island University

Pacific Island University,
or PIU as it is known here on Guam,
is the only accredited Christian university in this part of the world.

Our church, Bayview  hosted the choir to do our worship service this past Sunday.
In fact, since I have been here, they have come three times.
Every time, I am overwhelmed with the talent these young people bring.

More than that, you can just tell when someone means what they are singing.

The have a radiance that can't be described.

They believe the words they sing.

It's real to them.

Not just in their head,

but in their heart.

They have a small campus, and want to grow to serve more students.
They are looking for land to build on.
They are looking for new employees.

Do you need a job and have a heart for missions?

Come to Guam!

Check out the job listings here.

And just think about listening to this awesome singing every day at work.......

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